Fun ideas to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

We are super excited for the upcoming Royal Wedding and like many of the people we know, we have started making preparations for the weekend.  

Below are some of the ideas we are implementing at our royal wedding celebrations this coming Saturday. 

-Let food reflect the diversity of the wedding. Go for the classics and give them a twist: Coronation Chicken, cucumber sandwiches, Victoria Sponge Cake and so many other British classics are a perfect food option for the upcoming Royal Wedding celebration. Meghan’s origins are a good excuse (not that we need one) to add none traditional mouth watering food to the celebration. Incorporate bite size burgers or peanut butter filled brownies for a bit of a twist and a true reflection of the couple’s mixed origins. 

-Follow the steps of the royal couple and serve bowl and finger food. Forget the BBQ and plated food opting instead for substantial canapés and small bowls of food. Variety and plentitude is key here in order for this style of serving not to feel mean. Choose at least six different dishes and make sure at least one is a salad. 

-Get organised. Discuss with the other guests what each one will bring so as to avoid repetition or too much of one thing. Don’t forget the drinks and offer none alcoholic option like an elderflower cordial.

-The Union Jack has decorated many street party tables bringing colour, fun and identity to the celebration. For a more sophisticated look, opt instead for plain white table cloths and use potted herbs and english seasonal flowers to decorate. 

-Its a national Celebration. Royal weddings are a glorious occasion and a perfect opportunity for putting aside our British reservation. Get together with those around you, what a perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbours and bond over such an joyous occasion.

10 Wedding tips for Meghan Markle or any other bride on her special day

With a few days to go, we have noticed a huge amount of speculation surrounding the royal wedding but little advice and support for the bride and groom on what to look for on the day itself. We thought we share some of the advice we give our brides on her day that might come useful to Ms Meghan Markle or any bride. 

-Wear your bridal shoes, break them in. As a costume designer for films I am only too aware about the temptation of not wearing that very special pair of shoes until the last moment, the same temptation I have seem with many brides so let me give you one important piece of advice… DON’T. There is nothing more unpleasant that a painful pair of shoes and the pain will be reflected in all the pics, no matter what good an actress the bride is. Choose a thick pile carpet, put the shoes on and walk and then walk a bit more until you feel comfortable. The carpet will make sure the sole has no marks and the shoes look like new.

-Wash your hair the night before. Freshly washed hair does not hold a hairdo as well as a one washed the day before. In order to make sure your hair keeps the shape on the day a lot better, don’t wash your hair on the morning  of the big day in order to avoid unnecessary retouching.

- Have a tissue at hand. Your wedding day is a very emotionally charged day and the possibility of tears ruining your mascara is high. Have a tissue at hand and hold it next to the sides of your eyes as soon as you feel the need to cry, that way the make up will remain intact. 

-Avoid at all costs dark drinks on the day of your wedding. Red wine and other dark drinks can stain your teeth and these unflattering mishap will show in pictures.

-Hydrate. This is most important in order to keep up the energy levels and you looking your best. Lots of water (still not carbonated is best) and fruits with hi water density like watermelon are highly recommended.  

-Make up artist at hand. In many of the parties we design we allocate a make up artists near or inside the ladies loo for the bridal party or guests use. Its advisable to have someone at hand to do emergency touch ups in private and available at all times. A make up artist will make sure all the guest look at their best at all times which will be reflected in all the pictures, its a win win situation .

-Prep Your Hands. Needless to say there isn’t a time in life when your hands are so much the centre of attention, make sure yours and your husband’s to be look their best. 

-Take time together with your husband to be. With all the wedding craze, last minute details and visiting family member its easy to occupy your diary with wedding arrangements. Make sure you dedicate time to your other half and that he does not feel forgotten, remember that he will also be nervous and will appreciate your support and attention.

-Eat. Make sure you have breakfast, a light breakfast of watery fruits and peanut butter sandwiches will guarantee energy levels up and hydration. During the day make time for lunch opting for protein rich options with vegetables. Remember to eat small quantities but often. Speak to the caterer and appoint one person to look after you, that way you can preselect what to be served.

-Avoid pre-wedding drinks champagne or any bubble and carbonated beverages. Its not unusual for the bride to eat little on her wedding day, avoid drinks that might make you tipsy or make you feel bloated. Keep the alcohol intake to no more that one cocktail or glass every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

There are no words to express how honoured our creative Director feels for having been made a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). 

According to the internet, Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) is an award granted to individuals that the Royal Society of Arts judges to have made outstanding achievements related to the Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. Fellowship is awarded to those who can demonstrate that they have made significant contributions to social change, and support the mission of the RSA.

Our commitment to society and the arts is a passion and a believe that grows stronger with time. The recent recognition by the RSA just reinforces this commitment and offers a platform to facilitate change.

Thank you RSA for this great honour. 

London Wedding

Some of our clients have found difficult to watch the video of our London January wedding while on the go and have kindly requested we insert a gallery instead for easier reference. Honouring our client's request, below is a short slide show with pictures of that amazing day.

Hope you enjoy the refreshed gallery of this beautiful and utterly moving wedding for a highly respected Russian client. For more information of to discuss your own event feel contact us.

Lumiere Festival 2018

We love a public celebration, seeing people come together with broad smiles and joyful attitude has to be one of the best feeling there is.  When a celebration involves creativity, we believe the mix can be intoxicating and utterly unforgettable.

The Lumiere Festival celebrates creativity using light as the common denominator. It takes place at the beginning of the year offering a respite from the January blues.

Curious about design and always looking for inspiration, we went around as we usually do enjoying some of the installation. This time we decided to film some of the centre pieces and share them with you all in the hope that you will also find them inspiring and encourage you to join us next year.