Beautiful Bespoke Cards

I recently came across a very original collection of beautiful bespoke cards that I just had to share. The cards are stylish, perfectly understated and completely hand crafted! Each one of them has been silk printed by hand by the artist herself, a very charming and talented artist named Nicole.

After first seeing her current collection, I could not resist but to order some and when they arrived, I was not disappointed. My recipients loved them and I will surely be getting some more in the very near future.

The cards are not without humour, they will surely bring a smile to any one who receives them. Each design is unique and lovingly design by Nicole.

These cards are of limited edition and totally hand printed which makes them more like little pieces of art than just cards, frame them and use them to decorate your walls. They will look stunning while at the same time reminding the recipient of that special day.

Another feature that I loved was that Nicole makes Bespoke cards and design. Imagine having your own original piece of art as a wedding invite instead of a mechanically printed wedding invitation, it could not get more personal than that.

For more information about these beautiful bespoke cards go to: