Food theatre and experiential feasts, the new trends.

In a previous post, we wrote about the importance of stimulating and awakening all the senses for an impactful and memorable event. An article we published explains how the senses play a part in fixing memories and making the experience last for longer. 

At The Party Set we have found that one of the most efficient ways of engaging all the senses is by making the guest part of the experience. We have also advocated for this to be part of every event and have seen it as a growing trend.

Ferran Adrian (of El Bulli fame)  talks about the importance of involving the customer into the whole food experience (Tapas" magazine April 2015). He is clear that his vision for the future is one were customers are part of the the decisions during the cooking process of their meal giving them influence on final result.

Physicist Professor Peter Barham from Bristol University recently said in an article for the BBC: "Now when you go to a restaurant you expect... to be surprised, you expect to be laughing some of the time... and that's part of I think the fun of eating out. I think it's changing it."

Theatricality is here to stay 

At the Party Set we believe that Immersive events or experiential events are a physical response of Adrian's ideals. For years, we have worked hard in making sure guests are truly part of the physical experience may that be an events or one of our many theatrical productions. 

A recent visit to a chocolate bar in Melbourne reinforced even more our believes and made clear that Adrian's ideals are well and truly here, not as part of a distant future but pretty much part of the present. What we loved the most of our visit to Mork, was to see that no matter how big or small the setting or business is, the immersive experience is very strong and makes of a simply ordinary ritual a truly memorable experience.  

Mork is a wonderful new place that has been rightly praised and featured in many publications. The delicious chocolate they serve is mouth watering but what makes it even more memorable is the creativity and though that has been put behind each of their offerings.

Each cup of chocolate is carefully designed so that the customer plays a part in putting it together affecting the taste and look of the drink. The customer has a saying and makes the drink their own. 

Below is a little video that TheParty Set has put together for you. Enjoy the video and don't hesitate to contact us to find out how your event can benefit from our in-depth event and theatre knowledge.