Reviving the high street with the help of great Experiential Events

Live experiences and experiential events are currently being tipped as one of the solutions to save the high street. A dwindling number of customers visiting are a worry to many shopkeepers and businesses, so the search for getting the shoppers through the door is on.

All over the press we find reports signalling the death of the high street. Some blame political decisions and economic uncertainty. The rise of online shopping and the uniformity on offer in many shopping centres is another factor. What to do? I am a firm believer in bringing back the element of surprise and fun to shopping centres and town centres all over the country.

Galeries Lafayette has come with an ingenious and innovative way to draw customers into the shop: An experiential event consisting of an enormous suspended platform right at the heart of its beautiful building.

The suspended structure gets customers close to Lafayette’s world renowned ceiling, giving all the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful decorations from a close distance.

To maximise the experience, another suspended structure, a glass bridge, looks down on the jumping platform. It’s a great point from where to take photographs of your loved ones, having fun and appreciate different details of the ceiling from up close.

We could not help getting on it and jumping along. The success of the installation was evident by the number of people of all ages wanting to get involved and queuing for the privilege.

To me, the installation and its success just confirmed the importance of being innovative, surprising and different and that nothing can beat a live experience.

I hope you find this video inspiring and encourages you to contact us for more experiential ideas.