James Bond Style, napkins folding

We have been asked in the past to design bar mitzvahs and parties in a James Bond theme which is always fun.

Always looking for a fun and different way of doing things, we can up with this fun way of folding the napkins and making the place cards/ escort cards for the guests.

We made a little video that we hope you will enjoy showing the process.

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Fun Furniture for Experiential Events, Happenigs, weddings or Parties

This year, we found the most wonderful furniture inspired in the forest. The furniture range is vast and hard wearing. Another good point is that all the items comply with the UK regulations and can be delivered at short notice.

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Maison & Object, new discoveries and the importance of the world fairs.

We just came from the incredible world design fair called Maison and Object in Paris, a must to all into design and who seek to find out the latest trends and all that is new.

The fair takes place twice a year although I find the January one a lot better and more complete. You can find anything and everyone in the fair from all around the world. 

We go every year in order to seek inspiration and to find out the latest trends in design, keeping always on top allow us to advice our clients better and offer a more unusual and up to date range of products. 

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Francisco Rodriguez-Weil
#Cadvent: Cadbury's exiting and touching Christmas campaign
International Creative Competition, Design Award.

We are delighted to be a winner in the International Creative Competition 2015 for our work in Boi Boi is dead.

We had an amazing time working with the incredible cast and director Lucian Msamati in what was a very moving show.

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Proof of experiential events' power of impact

Our most recent project The Lankaran Forest was a perfect example of the power of experiential events. Seen by hundreds and shared by thousands, the forest left impressions in many, who still often talk about it. Its reach went far beyond social media, making its way into magazines and publications of all sorts.

We wanted to share this write up about the event as we found the writer's experience a window into the minds of those who attend and the impression the set piece we created and party had on them.

We wanted to share this write up about the event as we found the writer's experience a window into the minds of those who attend and the impression the set piece we created and party had on them.

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Experiences, the best way of promoting a product

The best way of promoting a product is by offering your guests a day or experience to remember. An emotional connection (fun, awe, happiness, etc) between them and your product can be very powerful and long-lasting. Life is made up of experiences and these experiences make up our memories while helping to shape who we are.

In today's social media age, we are constantly sharing experiences using our phones as a channel of communication to determine who we are, what we are doing and to connect to those we are thinking about at that very moment.

If a company offers their customers a great day to remember, they will not only be sharing their values and thoughts but also the opportunity for all those who attend to let their friends know what they like and what impresses them.

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Perfume Launch, fix memories by stimulating all the senses

What a great time we had working on this product perfume launch. This year the Buta Festival was combined with the Azeri Sensation Event into what was a truly original and fun experiential event.

A bespoke perfume was developed using the Lankaran Forest as an inspiration and then bottled in gorgeous Lalique art pieces.

Given that the perfume was inspired by the unique "iron" forest of Azerbaijan, it was decided to bring the forest to London for everyone to experience this amazing place and understand better the inspiration for the perfume. By letting the guests wander through the forest to appreciate the scent, all senses were stimulated and not just the olfactory one.

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Wedding Design for a London Hotel

This wedding design for a London Hotel comprised of one long custom made table. The couple wanted all the guests to be close together and be part of the same close experience. We considered numbers of guests and the particulars of the venue and came up with a table that curved and embraced the couple. The top of the table feature a patters made out of flowers in white and lilac. A perspex top was placed on top of the flowers so that all the custom order china and glasses could be arranged.

The theatrical touch was an eye catching flower display that cascaded over the guests. 

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The Dorchester Ballroom

The Dorchester Ballroom has recently been restored by International interior design studio Alex Kravetz Designs, one of our favourite London wedding and party destinations. The Ballroom, Crush Hall, Silver Room and The Gold Room have been restored to their former glory recapturing the opulence of Oliver Ford's original 1930s design.

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