Cadbury's Christmas events 2015, part of the #cadvent campaign.


Our friends at Fallon and Saatchi & Saatchi set us an enormous and incredibly exiting challenge: The design and delivery of the trucks and content for the great Cadbury Christmas Calendar as part of the Advent event.

24 trucks left Birmingham filled with surprises to be delivered all over the country. Every new day, a new truck would open its door and offer all passers by a wonderful surprise.

The events were all designed to be interactive and Creative Adam Alexandroni made clear that it was all about spreading joy and receiving joy in return.

There were many different events all of them with a huge response and an incredible campaign behind them.

Thank you Fallon and Saatchi for such an incredible opportunity.

We designed many different events for this campaign, please find below a small selection of some of these.

Making of the white Christmas Event. Truck 14, Woolwich, London.

“I have worked with Francisco and his team for several years now and whenever we have a large experiential event he is always the first person I go to. With Francisco you get expertise, artistry, attention to detail and – alongside his team – years of accumulated experience around logistics and execution. Conceptually he is brilliant but he also knows how to make it happen without compromise …Although he leads the field in these respects what you also get with Francisco and his company is something rarer to find which is absolute care, commitment and passion to a project. He always gives 110%, always goes the extra mile and cares deeply about the result. 

He’s calm under pressure, inventive in coming up with solution to problems, great in client facing situations and a pleasure to work with. 

I cannot recommend them highly enough. "

Adam Alexandroni, Creative Director for Saatchi&Saatchi.