Coronation Festival Gala, buckingham palace



Francisco, our Creative Director, was personally asked to design the stage set and costumes for this public spectacularcelebrating the Diamond Jubilee of The Queen’s Coronation and attended by The Queen herself.

The challenge was complex as the event was to be broadcast by the BBC and attended by thousands of concertgoers, which meant that colours and designs had to work for both television and live contexts.

The visual set design for the stage required consideration of all the different acts that performing, ranging from ballet to pop bands, as well as solo stars and choirs. Overall, there were 480 performers on a stage 44mtrs wide.

The colours for the stage were carefully chosen to compliment the stone façade of the palace, with 20 mtrs of flower arrangement crowning the performance area. All imagery was carefully designed to include all the members of the commonwealth countries.


The following short video shows a selection of different moments of the day.