Treat your guests to something really spectacular. We use design and creativity to bring out your message and story.

The Party Set is a creative collective of curious minds, forged across the industries of both party planning and theatre production, founded on one purpose and one purpose only: to delight your audience.

Be that at a wedding, in a production, at a concert or amidst a corporate awards, we design the story of your event and weave it through every detail. We live to surprise and delight. 

A simple purpose, yes, but powerful. Founder Francisco Rodriguez-Weil discovered the impact of great design and storytelling when he took a job in theatre to pay his way through his architecture degree. Quickly, he noticed how good theatre could touch people deeply, creating everlasting memories and impressions. He was entranced.

After finishing his degree, he moved into studying set design; immersing himself in a visual world of operas, ballets, concerts and film that still to this day provides a bank of inspiration for the team.