The Dorchester Ballroom

The Dorchester Ballroom has recently been restored by International interior design studio Alex Kravetz Designs, one of our favourite London wedding and party destinations. The Ballroom, Crush Hall, Silver Room and The Gold Room have been restored to their former glory recapturing the opulence of Oliver Ford's original 1930s design.

We love the luxurious Italian marble floor at the main entrance and in the Crush Hall, the stunning crystal chandeliers, handmade neutral toned carpet and Venetian drapery in the Ballroom and the overall colour palette of champagne and pale cream which provides the perfect canvas for wedding and party designs.

The Dorchester Ballroom has the capacity for dinner for 500 and receptions for 1,000 guests. Executive Chef Henry Brosi has designed a three-course √† la carte menu for The Ballroom, a service rarely found for such large numbers due to the high skill involved in grand scale production. The Ballroom is now the only venue in London to offer a la carte dining for up to 500 guests.

If you are interested in holding your party or wedding in The Dorchester Ballroom please contact us to discuss the numerous design possibilities. We have an abundance of lovely and awe inspiring ideas that are sure to delight your guests and leave long lasting memories in all who attend your special day.