Wedding Design for a London Hotel

This wedding design for a London Hotel comprised of one long custom made table. The couple wanted all the guests to be close together and be part of the same close experience. We considered numbers of guests and the particulars of the venue and came up with a table that curved and embraced the couple. The top of the table feature a patters made out of flowers in white and lilac. A perspex top was placed on top of the flowers so that all the custom order china and glasses could be arranged.

The theatrical touch was an eye catching flower display that cascaded over the guests. This incredible canopy of flowers help define  the space, provided the sweet scent of the flowers and provided the necessary impact when the guests arrived to set the tone for the amazing evening.

Other lovely touches in this wedding design included the hand monogramed linen napkins and the hand written in gold placement cards.

The whole room was converted into a garden and we placed the musicians in a band stand.

The glorious food, music and setting made sure the evening was truly unforgettable.