Halloween Decorations

halloween decorations

For beautiful Halloween decorations, you don't have to spend a fortune to create a stunning table centre. This is particularly important if the event itself is a charity gala where the fine line between glamour and spending has to be tread carefully. We recently had the honour of designing and organising a charity gala at the end of October and Halloween was chosen as the main theme.

Oranges and yellows as well as other autumn colours were the accent colours of the evening. We brought light and sparkle to the tables by using reflective objects like the delicious dragees in gold and the mirror bases for the roses.

Beautiful pumpkins in all sort of shapes and colours added a touch of interests to the table and became a great talking point, delighting the guests who commented on the many distinctive types around.

Halloween decorations are great fun to conceive and make, an early walk down the vegetable and flower market will be invaluable when seeking inspiration.