Perfume Launch, fix memories by stimulating all the senses

What a great time we had working on this product perfume launch. This year the Buta Festival was combined with the Azeri Sensation Event into what was a truly original and fun experiential event.

A bespoke perfume was developed using the Lankaran Forest as an inspiration and then bottled in gorgeous Lalique art pieces.

Given that the perfume was inspired by the unique "iron" forest of Azerbaijan, it was decided to bring the forest to London for everyone to experience this amazing place and understand better the inspiration for the perfume. By letting the guests wander through the forest to appreciate the scent, all senses were stimulated and not just the olfactory one.

After a really fun presentation, incredible live music and delicious food, guests were invited to wander through the bespoke installation that we built at the Royal Academy.

Guests could go up stairs and through a reveal to suddenly find themselves in an enchanted forest. The light effect here was quite special as it went from morning to dusk. The back projection backdrop also changed and provided a very surreal sensation that complemented well the unusual trees that make this forest unique. All senses were fully stimulated guaranteeing the memories to last for a long time to come.

This perfume launch was just an example of the many different ways we can make your product stand from the rest in an utterly unique and creative setting.